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The Salinas Valley Water Coalition was incorporated in  1991. It is a non-profit public benefit corporation and was organized for the specific purpose to promote fair representation and evaluation of water issues in Monterey County. Mission Statement: The water resources of the Salinas River Basin should be managed properly in a manner that promotes fairness and equity to all landowners within the basin. The management of these resources should have a scientific basis, comply with all laws and regulations, and promote the accountability of the governing agencies.

The Salinas Valley Water Coalition (Coalition) was formed in 1991 to address issues pertaining to water resources within the Salinas Valley Basin and the management of such resources. The Coalition recognizes that it is necessary to participate in the process in order to protect existing water rights and water resources while sustaining agricultural production and quality of life.

The Coalition has supported, and continues to support, the Monterey County Water Resources Agency (Agency) in its pursuit of long-term balance of supply and demand of water in the basin and in its effort to halt seawater intrusion. This support has been based on its belief that the Agency is committed to developing a program which will be cost-effective, reasonable, hydrologically sound and equitable to landowners in all portions of the Salinas Valley.

We believe the Agency has cooperated with representatives from all concerned interest groups to make tremendous progress toward solving the water problems within the Salinas Basin. The Agency recently released the Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement for the Salinas Valley Water Project (SVWP). The development of the proposed SVWP was in response to public input and an effort to develop a cost efficient long-term project. The DEIR/EIS is the result of the Agency's willingness to respond to the public's request for a comprehensive project that is reasonable, hydrologically sound and cost effective. And it can be implemented within a reasonable period of time. The Agency has appointed a Cost Allocation Advisory Committee (CAAC) to develop a framework and methodology for distributing project costs for the Salinas Valley Water Project (SVWP). The Coalition supports the process. The development of a cost allocation that is based on scientific data and that is distributed in a fair and equitable manner as required by Proposition 218 provides the foundation for support of the ultimate SVWP which is expected to solve a majority of the basin's remaining seawater intrusion problems.

The Salinas Valley Water Coalition supports an appropriate and just solution to the water problems of the Salinas Valley. We've come a long way …… and we hope that we can continue to move forward as we move into this new millennium. Participation is the price that must be paid in order to sustain both agricultural production and the quality of life in our communities. The Coalition Board of Directors and its' members are committed to maintaining an active role in the Salinas Valley in an effort to ensure these goals.



- Individual water rights should be protected through public policy and the legal arena as necessary.

- The philosophy behind benefit assessment is that if there are special benefits advantaged by public improvements and services, the beneficiaries should pay for them proportionate to benefit received. 

- That only assessments that are applied in a proportionate manner as required pursuant to the California Constitution as amended by Proposition 218 as stated above, and whose benefit is supported with a scientific basis, should be supported. 

- All Agency Assessments should be developed and implemented on the following basis as required by the California Constitution as amended by Prop. 218:

"An agency which proposes to levy an assessment shall identify all parcels which will have a special benefit conferred upon them and upon which an assessment will be imposed. The proportionate special benefit derived by each identified parcel shall be determined in relationship to the entirety of the capital cost of a public improvement, the maintenance and operation expenses of a public improvement, or the cost of the property related service being provided. No assessment shall be imposed on a parcel that exceeds the reasonable cost of the proportional special benefit conferred on that parcel. Only special benefits are assessable, and an agency shall separate the general benefits from the special benefits conferred on a parcel…"


- That an adjudication of water rights is NOT in the best interest of individuals within the Salinas Valley Basin. 
-That water within the Salinas Valley Basin should NOT be sold and transferred [exported] outside the Basin.


Board of Directors


Ralph Riva, Chair 
Wente Vineyards

Betty Binsacca, Sec./Trea.
Binsacca Foothill Ranch

Kirt Andrus
Kirt Andrus Farms

Norm Braga 
Braga Ranch Co. 

Ann Myhre 

John Romans 
Mission Ranches

Vicki Rosenberg 
Rosenberg Family 
Ranch LLC

Roger Moitoso, Vice-Chair 
Arroyo Seco Vineyards

Dan Andersen
Huntington Farms, Inc.

Michael Bassetti 
Neil Bassetti Farms

Bob Martin 
Rio Farms

Kevin Piearcy

Rich Smith
Valley Farm Management

Nancy Isakson
Government Affairs

P.O. Drawer 2670  ·  Greenfield, CA 93927
831.674.3783  ~  FAX 831.674.3835